(Sunday, April 27th) which featured Ellaraine Lockie.

The new BrickBat Revue, featuring new poems by Ellaraine Lockie,

is now available in three different editions:

1) letter press-printed on hand-made paper (by Ms. Lockie);

2) letter press-printed on very thick classic laid stock;

and 3) regularly printed on Ms. Lockie's hand-made paper.

For more details, click here.

BrickBat Revue g featuring ELLARAINE LOCKIE is now available!

BrickBat f is now available!

An epic poem by DANNY WEIZMANN,

this BrickBat print is 50" long (over 4 feet) and 13" wide.


In the meantime, enjoy these photos and videos captured

at the Marathon Reading at St. Mark's Church and Bowery Poetry Club

from New Year's Day, 2008, in Lower East Side of NYC.


It is a new age, and the moderne is no longer modern.

featured on the front: Parallel Lives, 58 inches x 58 inches

Photographed by the artist (along with Christine Howard) as it hangs at LemmonsContemporary

in TriBeCa (New York, natch, to non-New Yorkers) in March, 2007.

BrickBat Revue E (May 2007)


Lemmons Contemporary hosted a rare west coast artist whose breakthrough art theory is sure to shatter the abstract by not only its own framework but with a brilliant book. Excerpts of the text as well as two images from the two-month SoHo installation will be exclusively available on the April 2007 edition of BrickBat Revue. Secure your copy now, or get your own limited edition, 13" x 19" archival print at one of the following galleries, when in April the prints become available:

Gallery Revisted • High Energy ConstructsAvenue 50 GalleryMetropolis Books

Ruskin Art Club •  Skylight BooksRock Rose Gallery

* more to be announced, and soon enough....

'Who gives a damn if another Rockefeller just sold another Rothko, even for $40M...?!'

—certainly NOT a quote from an article in the Thursday (22 March 2007) edition of the Times (NY), "The Arts"...

Downtown Poet Walk videos and pictures!


EROS DAY 2007 Poetry Orgy!



Dangerous Curve

Interview VIDEOS!


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Wanda Coleman

reads from

Poems Seismic in Scene,

a collaborative endeavour with

Jean-Jacque Tachdjia

(whose wall-mounted work seen above beautifully juxtaposes Ms. Coleman)

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